Begin here at home

The world is a reflection of who you are.

Every outward experience and circumstance in your life: every thought you think, every feeling you feel, every story you speak, every action you take is a beautiful and brilliant reflection of who you are on the inside.

It’s a magical design.

How do you know what Spirit is saying to you? Listen to your Life.

Yes, Spirit speaks in the gentle whisper and sheer silence, and She also speaks through your most intimate and perhaps tumultuous relationships, through the loss of your work, the passing of a parent, the traffic tickets, lost luggage and unfinished tasks. Nothing in your life is good or bad, right or wrong. There are no mistakes—everything is Spirit speaking.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, Spirit is constantly speaking and showing you the Way and the Truth and the Life . . .

Come, listen to your Life.

And as you bring acute, sacred listening to your outward life, you will be more easily able to embrace, heal, transform—and become exactly who you are in your purest essence . . . which is Love.

Do you desire to feel free like never before?
Do you want to stand in your center no matter the ebbs and flows that come and go in your life?
Do you wish to observe life with wonder and awe rather than with complaint, victimhood, and judgment (which cause constant suffering)?
Do you ache to feel safe enough to go beyond your edge and soar into your truest power and path?
Do you want to hold an abundant amount of love and compassion for every creepy, crawly living thing (including the two-legged ones!) because you know You Are Love?
If you are ready to come home to yourself, then by all means, Come . . .